Superkb is a keyboard launcher for Linux with non-obtrusive on-screen hints.

Installation: Fedora | Arch Linux | Debian/Ubuntu | openSUSE

This program is given under the GNU General Public License, version 2 and it is provided as is, without any warranty or responsibility of any kind.


Version 0.23

2015-03-15: We now have full gallery of screenshots of different models of keyboards as defined by X11, painted by Superkb 0.23. Take a look at it in the Screenshot section; maybe your keyboard model is there!

2013-09-01: It’s now official: the source code for Superkb is now hosted at Github. Links in online material have been updated with the new information.

2013-08-31: Superkb 0.23 is out! This is is mostly a maintenance release. This release includes some aesthetic fixes, compilation warning fixes and fixes to make the job easier for package maintainers.

Version 0.22

2013-07-13: Superkb is now available in the main Fedora repositories! Thanks to Rubén Guerra Fedora users can now install Superkb using the yum package manager with a simple yum install superkb and installation will be done by magic. Thanks again.

2011-03-18: Superkb 0.22 is out! After a year of inactivity, we have important fixes and hopefully an improved keyboard hinting window. Also, the Wiki has been renewed after the horrible spam wave. Try it out and let us know what you think on the Superkb-devel mailing-list. If you find a bug, please report it to us on the Bug tracking system.

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